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I studied in a group today for class because I wanted to date one of the guys in our study group but I don't think I benefit very much from group study cause all the people who study in our group are very uninformed about the course and poor at team work. I feel that I can cover 10-20x more material and study 10-20x faster when I study on my own. I held out in the library for about 7 hours cause I wanted to date the guy in my study group and then I left. I think if the people in my class are really that sslow and uninformed, I should be be able to get an A in my class. I did benefit from one thing though: he told me the TA downgrades you if you write too much information on the exam because they get angry that they have to read all that. I agree with him. I wrote 4 pages for the essay exam on my mid term and I got the lowest mark on that essay exam that I had ever gotten on an essay exam and at the time I was dumb founded and could not figure out how I could have possibly gotten a C+ on an essay exam (it was worth about 35% of the overall mark on the mid term)


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  • It was a big risk that you took.I think it depends if it was worth the time and effort to sit next to the guy you wanted to date.How was he acting?And was he flirting with you? I agree with what you said if the group is uninformed the nyo uwould had been better studying by yourself.I think it was good to bond more and get to know your classmates better.I hope the guy you liked noticed you?


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