Was he flirting with me? Should I proceed on?

My parents had a gathering at my house this past week. And A family who I knew from my early childhood came and I haven't seen then in years.. I didn't even know who they were at first but I became aware that the son is my age( and we used to be best friends when we were younger and we lived across the street from each other etc. Anyways I'm a shy girl and I didn't engage in a conversation with him neither did he. I noticed he tried we didn't really get to talk and if we did it was short. Mainly because every time I had to walk away because someone would ask me to do something or I already was doing something for someone else. His step father kept trying to tell him to come to talk to me etc. He would smile and try. His mother came to me and we started talking, and the conversation led in to her son, I discovered we had many things in common we both want to move to California we both into the arts and our career choice is singing entertainment etc. Then he would talk to my mom or my sister and I was the topic of the conversation. He would tell them he wanted me to sing for him, and I said he should sing for me, but we were both shy about it and his mom suggested we go upstairs and sing with each other we both just smiled.. When he was about to leave he came over to me and we talked a little about music. When they were leaving his parents suggested we exchange numbers because we share the same interest, we used to be so close, and my grandmother lives down the St from them so we should hang out, go to the mall etc. I just sat, smiled, shook my head ( I shook my head because it was funny, and it seemed like they were forcing us to date making it awkward) but I didn't say anything, and he had his head down , smiling, and quite as well. I later learned his mother gave me the look, and now thinks I don't like her son or whatever it is. And I don't want her to think that because its not true they're really nice people. I thought I send her a text message and say," Hey, I enjoyed your company, and I would like for our families to spend more time together. I'm shy and it seemed a little awkward when you all suggested your son an I exchange numbers but I would love for you to pass my number on to him so we can catch up" I do think the guy is attractive and I feel bad about the whole thing, I want to get to know him again, and talk more about music, and I want us to discuss our futures in music. But I don't want to seem weird and make a move on the guy. What do you think, do you think I should send his mom a message and ask for his number? And do you think what I would say in the text is appropriate?


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  • Just be like hey how are you doign but yes ask him mom for the number you don't lose much from trying. I think you should proceed if you feel go about it you're young give it a try and go for it,

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