Am I racist or just being selfish in this situation?

This is a serious question and please don't give funny or angry answers.I really need to figure out what is my problem.Okay for the start,I love to date interracial.At the same time I love my own race too but one thing I realize about myself is whenever I am dating or being in a relationship with someone outside my race I don't feel it necessary to stay loyal but when I am dating my own kind I always honour and respect him a lot more than the other guy.Deep inside I feel bad about this but I just couldn't stop myself from doing it.


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  • I have a feeling I know what race you are. lol

    I agree with pickled. Maybe you're just sexually attracted to the other race and that's it. You don't desire them as life partners. It's not abnormal. A lot of people in interracial relationships are like that. Not to your extent, but...

    Those relationships tend to be less sturdy than intraracial relationships.


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  • if you feel that way you shouldn't be dating outside your race. you're just wasting their time. I don't think a guy would mind being used for sex but if you find a good guy that isn't your race, don't hurt him because of your racism.

  • I think its just a bond you might feel. Like oh me and this person are both the same race so I should feel more ____ towards them. It could have even been taught to you. Seeing your parents hold their friends of the same race of a higher regard and the other friends just normally.

  • So when you're dating interracially you cheat and when you date someone of the same race you stay loyal?

    Yeah, I'd stop wasting other peoples time. You're only dating interracially for fun

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