Regret in the future? possibly?

I fell in love with a guy hard. we were together for the summer. I treated him good. I was faithful, gave him acceso my Facebook and my phone. I gave him messages. I was always there for him with any life problems he had. I never fought with him. We were a lot alike. I was always loving on him. I never disrespected him or hurt or cheated on him. I would ask before my guy friends came over if it was okay and I would stay outside so he could come by and check on me or hang out. I was welcome and ready to try new things and never minded being with him and texted him all day. He still always talked about his cheating ex and how he can't trust her. I can tell he still loves her. well he broke up with me over text after ignoring me for like 3 or more days. He kept flirting with me and hooked up once after we broke up. Well now its been 2 months. he's back with his ex. she cheats lies and treats him like shit and he's scared to be with her cause he can't trust her but right now there like friends with benefits and he don't even notice I exsist. Will he ever regret leaving a good girl for a ex hoe? Will he wish he never left me? Ever happen to you? why?what happened?


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  • Yikes! Definitely one to run--not walk--away from. You should consider yourself lucky that you got out as quickly as you did and that this didn't go on any longer. (I understand it's tough/impossible for you to see it that way now, but you will in time.) You're best off totally cutting ties with this guy and not letting him back in even when she (inevitably) cheats on him again and dumps him. It doesn't sound like he's going to be able to dig himself out of his hole for a LONG time. And in that time you could have found a much, much, MUCH better guy.

    Good luck!

    • Thank you. But may I ask you sir, will he ever in his life time regret leaving me for her?

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    • Thank you I will try my best.

    • Good luck.

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