Too soon to bring this up?

So me and this girl have along history, meet like 4 years ago we started kinda seeing each other but I left things too long, failed to capitalize on 2 dates, one night out and a sleep over (no sex) and she moved on, we stopped talking mostly she'd text me on my birthday and vice versa, that went on for about 3 years.

This year she kept talking to me, arranged to meet up with me and we went out, had a great time spent like 7hours together having coffee then went for drinks, it was great. Part of the conversation was about both of us wanting more serious plans for life, she told me about 2 guys she'd been seeing and they hadn't worked out, one guy she really like (the one she moved onto) messed her around she showed me a text to clarify she was over him now (he texted twice she didn't reply).

She suggested another meet up and I took the opportunity to arrange one which will be this Saturday, we're going for a meal then drinks again and we've been texting all week.

Basically after leaving it too long last time and being told I just see you as a friend, to her going out of her way to contact me and arrange meetings, I'm not sure where this is going. I'd love to ride the wave and maybe get 3-4 dates under my belt but that was the mistake last time, waiting too long, but I don't want to be too serious and be like 'be m why girlfriend now' I mean that's where I'd like things to go maybe beginning of next year sometime ish but for now I just want clarity that she's seeing me for the same reasons and not 'as friends' or just to mess me around.

Is 2 dates to soon to bring this up ?


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  • Way too soon, give it a few more dates


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