Why didn't he say goodbye back?

Long story short. There was this guy I liked a lot. First guy I've ever had a thing for, but I knew he never liked me back.Atleast that's what his actions were saying. We know each other pretty well. I made out with him, and we didn't talk for like 8 months unless I saw him somewhere and I would just give him the nod. Then one night he came over and we made out again. he texted me a few days later, and then we didn't talk for a week. I called him twice and he didn't pick up or text me. two weeks later I got the job I applied for and moved to Australia before I left the city I sent him a text saying hey I left to Toronto, to catch a flight to Australia in two days. Good luck with basketball! and he never replied. ever. I know he read it. But he didn't reply. Why? We know each other pretty well. I don't understand it? Is it that hard to write a two words? boys I need your help. It hurt a lot that he didn't reply. Was it cause he just didn't care? But wouldn't someone still have a little something in them to just be like bye?


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  • Maybe he just didn't feel up for it.goodbyes are emotional

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