Does a text right after a first date indicate interest or just politeness?

Had a 2-hour date on Sunday night with a guy I met online (he asked me). This was after several days of emails and texts.

He texted me 20 minutes after the date (I hadn't even gotten home yet) to say "I had a great time tonight and I hope you made it home safely." I replied a few minutes later with "Thanks for dinner and for checking on me. I enjoyed chatting with you too! Have a nice evening." He texted back "Thank you! Have a great night!"

Here it is Friday and I never heard from him again. (I was on the fence about him so I don't care too much.) Is it me, or does it seem like a mixed message to text someone 20 minutes after a date to tell her you had a great time and make sure she got home okay and then never contact her again for a second date? (I understand people can change their minds.) If I go out with someone I just wasn't into, I never text him right after the date and risk giving the wrong impression. I would make a point of thanking him in person for dinner, drinks, whatever.

I think he may have just been being nice (which is okay by me and appreciated!) but he should know that he's sending mixed messages! (I'm not going to be the one to tell him! LOL :)


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  • He might have been trying to figure out if you were interested in a second date and was hoping for a reply that said something like "I hope we can get together again soon" or something.

    But since you said you didn't really click with him, maybe he feels the same way and you've reassured him that the one date was all there was going to be.

  • Inidicates interest