She's on the prowl after me. What could change her mind about me suddenly?

There's this girl in my unit - she's relatively new around - that I met on guard duty. We've had very good vibe going on between us and we found it really hard that we had to separate after the duty was over. Things progressed a bit afterward, we got to know each other a little better and went out one time. Then we found out that she's slightly older than me - 18 months to be precise - and it turned her off very bad.

Much to my disappointment, I moved on. I chose to downgrade our relationship a bit and became a little less friendly with her. It's just that she's not the kind of girl I'd like to have as just a friend - its all or nothing. We remained like that for about two months.

However, recently she sort of rediscovered her past affection towards me. She started flirting with me whenever she can - touching, caressing... Her sudden aggressiveness really surprised me. Also her rhetoric switched poles - its no longer "forget it, it's not gonna work between us" and "you're just too young and I refuse to date younger guys". Now she started joking about us getting married like "after we'll get married..." and things like "it was no accident that we met in that guard duty".

I'm pretty satisfied with her new approach because I still like her and we get along fantastically.

But I couldn't help but wonder what made her change her mind about me like that? It's consuming my thoughts because back then when she rejected me for my age she was very determined about it. I was pretty much forced to give it up.

I have a speculation that it was an intervention by a third party. It could be that she shared the story about us with someone else and that other person or group told her to go for me despite her being older because it's shallow and stupid to stop something good for.

What do you think could change a girl's mind about dating a younger guy?


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  • did you get rich?


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