Why do some girls waste their time texting their guy friend but they want talk?

I thought if you text first you should initiate the conversation right? Well she is the opposite. It seems she wants me to start the conversation. And the conversation is always dead. She has a boyfriend but she still text me. And I have to work hard to get her to talk. Unless she has something she wanted to share which is 25% of the time. But if she text me first why doesn't she talk more? Do I make any sense hear. At the sametime I think she is using me as a back up plan. But she does this even when she is single.


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  • Hey,

    Yeah she is just using you as a back up plan. Ask her some questions and see how she answers them? I do not like it when people do this, regardless of gender. Some people come off so aloof and standoffish on text, half of the time I don't even feel like responding to what they have to say but I don't want to come off as being rude.

    • What should I ask her? Sometimes when she don't respond it's either because she is busy or don't want to answer the question in my opinion. Because even when she respond later like the next day she would say "hey" like we never talk about any the day before. But yeah its hard to ignore to her. But I don't text her because more likely she will be busy.

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    • Haha, I have ask those types of questions and she just don't have a lot to say. The way she tweets about him on twitter. I believe she would marry him. And we follow each other on vine and she post a lot of 6 sec videos of her and her boyfriend. So I don't know. And I let her text me first because if I text first she may text back few hours later to day, 2 or 3 days later. Or am I'm just making excuses, haha.

    • Oh and we communicate on kik so she now log off when she is with him and I hate to text her and she is log off.

  • That is boring

    • I know right, any ideas why would she waste time with me if she is not going to talk?

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