What makes someone a thinker? Are they harder to date?

I would say I am a thinker. I philosophize and analyze things a lot. I like to have deep discussions. I am good at understanding people and how they think and how they are driven. I carry a lot in my mind and I am good at seeing under the surface. I am very insightful and intuitive.

So I tend to like guys who are similar. Is this a difficult personality ?

My crush also likes theoretical thinking and psychology and things like that the way I do. I feel like it is difficult to find people like us. So I hope he asks me out.


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  • it's difficult to find I suppose...

    • The guy above is a numbskull...

    • Go and look at all the notable people in the encyclopidia and you'll find they were dreamers/deep thinkers as well as somewhat escentric especially in science...

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  • Yes.

    The problem with "Thinkers" is that they rarely create anything of value because they are too busy thinking. "Doers" are the experimenters, mind you that doesn't mean that Doers are idiots or that Thinkers are couch philosophers but Thinkers drive the metaphysical and academic arts such as Philosophy, Ethics, and Law while Doers drive the tangible arts such as STEMS, Art and Expression, and Business and Finance. The world is not run by Thinkers by-and-large.

    Dating a person who talks but does not act as often as they need to is very stressful. They have all the answers, they know what to do, but they don't it, and they maintain Thoughtspace. They are more avid at discussion, which is great, but when it comes to actually following through many fall short esp. in relation to uncertain things where if something goes wrong they are far more reactionary and require almost a push out of the hole they fall in when depressed over the failure of their plans.

    In short, they suck. Doers are more outgoing, less afraid of failure, do more, and are less likely to just "come up with a plan".

    • Most humans are "Thinkers" by the way. We just break down the overall idea into two more subgroups: Dreamers and Planners.

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    • He has a job

    • I meant more than that. The fact that you found someone attractive ( hopefully ) to you who can philander in philosophy is not a strong case for a relationship. You need a lot more.

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  • My son is the same way and he has trouble finding girls who are intellectual as well. If you want to message me I'll give you his Facebook info and you and he can talk more about what its like to be a deep thinker. (He's 21 btw).

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