Should I? Should I not? Help!


Let's say that I made a new friend. He flirted a little bit through text messages but he also sent mixed signals, totally confusing me even though we are just friends.

Anyways, my delima is this. Like I said, we just met a few weeks ago and had been texting off an on. However, we have already had 2-3 major communication breakdowns through texting and the last one really P.O.'ed me (long story). I may have over reacted a little bit but it was out of self-respect. I was getting mixed signals so I wasn't sure what to think or feel at the time. I told him I didn't want to be friends anymore and I explained why and he said he was sorry that I felt that way and that he didn't mean to make me mad even though he didn't understand why. He even told me I was over reacting. I reacted from emotion at the time, I even unfriended him on fb AGAIN ha.I wish I didn't because honestly I'm very attracted to him and would still like to be friends but I think the damage is done, he probably thinks I'm unstable or something even though from my side of things, I don't know. Maybe respect, I don't know. I wish we could start over. Anyways, I had bought him a small Christmas gift that I was going to give him at church this Sunday before all this happened 2 days ago and me saying I didn't want to be friends anymore. I'm debating whether I should give it to him anyways or not. Just give it to him with a little note saying "I bought this for you before things went down. I already had it wrapped and everything, might as well give it to you. Merry Christmas." And walk away, let the ball be in his court so to speak. I don't know, maybe I shouldn't give it to him and move on. Maybe the approach is wrong. Guys what's the best thing to do? Give it to him or no? If so, what is the best approach to have him NOT think bad of me anymore no matter what without fear of rejection or hurt my self-respect? What would work for you if you were him. THE LAST THING I DO NOT want him thinking is that I'm chasing him. So how do I go about this? (We see each other at church by the way so it's not the last time I'll see him).


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  • :( aww your story made my heart sank. Never mind what he thinks, he knows you he wouldn't think your chasing him..look to clear your conscious give him the gift, I mean its not like you'll dating and you two are friends+ you bought the gift before the mixed communication..let bygones be bygones give him the gift with the note if you can't say those words face to face...good luck honey I sincerely hope it works out for ya. Keep me posted :-)