Just started dating. HELP!

Can you tell me what I need to know. Heasked me to see a movie. What do I wear, does he pick me up, does he pay for my ticket and food, do we go to dinner and then the movie, what time should we go?j just give me the basics of dating!


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  • Wear whatever you feel comfortable in, I'd say don't overdress.

    It's possible that you have to pay for your own things, I personally really like it when a girl pays her own way.

    I'd probably pay for stuff on the second date.

    The rest of the questions you could ask him. Or make a suggestion to him...

    Don't be nervous and have fun! :)


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  • You are too cute. Let him pay, laugh at his jokes, don't have sex right away and make sure he treats you like a princess.

  • Casual (no track suits though),have money with you in case he doesn't offer to pay, ASK where does he want you two to meet ( he might say he'll come to pick you up or not).

    if you talk to him all these things will fall in place. Just ask for some details, what theatre, what hour, How much is it going to take cause "i want to know how I'll fit it in my schedule". At this point he might mention if he's planning going for food too. You could mention some Starbucks, KFC, McDonald's if you want. If he mentions his house after the movie, make sure to say you'll pass for now.

    Just don't worry so much.


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  • You wear whatever is comfortable for you. Jeans and a nice shirt are quite acceptable to go see a movie with someone.

    As for the other questions, ask him if he is picking you up at home or did he want you to meet him there.

    Since he asked you out, he will most likely be paying for the movie ticket and any refreshments but I'd carry at least enough money on you to cover your own ticket just in case.

    As far as is it dinner and a movie, that you would need to ask him.