I need to know what a girl wants in a kiss!

my girlfriend says i need to use a little less tongue a little more lip,i need to know what a girl wants in a kiss, please help i really like this one.


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  • I so know what your girlfriend is talking about. My guy had kinda the same problem. Every time we kissed he used so much tongue that there wasn't any room for me to give tongue back or even breathe lol.

    When kissing her, DONT just shove your tongue in there and start wiggling it around like a snake. It gets boring fast and frankly quite creepy. When kissing give her tongue in a smooth rhythmic motion instead of just shoving it all in at once. Try also playing with her bottom lip: suck on it, lick it, and if she likes that sort of thing give her a playful bite (but no too hard!) I also absolutely love it when my guy strokes my hair or neck (it gives me chilling sensations down my body and I totally get into it more) or when he holds or grips the back of my neck to hold me in close.

    Hope this helps! Feel free to ask me more!


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  • ok yes, to much tongue is gross.

    1) don't try and touch her lungs... you know what I mean

    2) the kissing motion. never let it go. still open and close. it mustnt be a tougne war in there without the lips moving and the toung coming in and out...get a slow rythm tipe of thing going

    3) play with your toung, BUT, don't again, play toung wars. it is NOT a war. its suppose to be sensational and soft. think of it like your are teasing and tickling her tougn.

    4) Try and keep it lips on lips. It is not so nice having spit all over ur nose etc. Even though it happens sometimes when you are really getting to it and lying down...

    5) keep the teeth locked away! its not nice when teeth clashes!

    6) What I like personally, is when the guy sucks my tougn occasionally. this is difficult to happen. cos if you try and grab hold of her tougn to badly its gonna spoil the suprize, and it can make you concentrate on it so much that ur missing the kissing... understand? ALSO, very important, you must do it very little. it must not become sumthing reagular. AND don't suck to hard. I once tore the little skin underneath my boyfriends tougn. very painfull...

    Tip: its very nice when a guy cups his girlsfriend's face in his hands when he kisses her... when he holds her face. a girl gets the feeling that he holds her, she is somefing special and gorgeous! And if you smoke, STOP or huge seriously LOTS and lots of mints. I nearly threw up form kissing a guy that smoked. its like emptying and asstray in ur mouth.



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  • Impossible to teach with text. Watch this perfect video on how to kiss. I'll give you one secret if you still need help... use your bottom lip more.


  • watch lesbian porn, I'm not kidding...if its one thing a girl knows how to do its how to kiss, and what better way to learn by having what women really want, right at your finger tips

    sounds weird, but try it, I think it might help