Is it safe to assume a girl isn't interested if she doesn't initiate text conversations?

Well basically, when this girl added me on Skype she initiated the conversation once, texted me once the next day to start a conversation. I've started three conversations with her since but she hasn't started one after that at all. Is it safe to assume that she isn't interested in me. She is on the shy side.

She gives fairly long replies but she may take a while to respond to the first message although she'll respond quickly to each one after that. To be fair I do that, I may not respond for hours to the first message because I didn't have my phone but once I see a message I'll respond to her.


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  • She could easily still be interested. The fact that she gives decent replies and responds quickly once she realizes she's got a message means she probably does want to talk to you. If she wasn't interested, she either wouldn't message back, or she wouldn't put effort into her responses. Also, if she's on the shy side, she might just be a little too nervous to initiate conversations at this point, and she might not realize that waiting for you to do it can make her seem disinterested.

    If you're really uncertain, you could just casually ask if you're bothering her. Mention that she never initiates conversation so you're not sure if she actually wants to talk. Don't be too serious about it, just bring it up very briefly. Someone did that to me, once, and until that point I hadn't realized what impression I was giving.

  • yeah it is


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