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I met this guy online and we talked non stop. We text nearly 300 texts a day and talked between 30-1 hr on the phone everyday. So we finally met yesterday. We had a blast. We did kiss, and I felt sparks. According to him, he did too. We didn't have sex either. So today he text me saying he had fun. I forgot to mention, before he went home we made plans to see each other this upcoming Monday. So now its the day after date night and I barely heard from him. It takes him hours to respond and I've been initiating almost all contact. He already said he has no plans or work this weekend. I'm hoping he is recouping from being out late and the work week. Does this scenario sound like he could have played me? Or am I just being the typical over analyzing chick lmao. Thanks ahead of time :)


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  • You have displayed the first symptoms of what I call "the crazies" that a lot of my female friends have. Usually when they hit around 25. Essentially, they become over-analytical and create all these fantasy fairy tales about why the guy is no longer responding to her texts within 5 seconds.

    In a normal healthy relationship, he should not need to answer a text within 5 seconds. People these days play this stupid texting headgame, where the girl or guy will not text back until they hear back. I can bet that you are texting him once...waiting for a reply...and refuse to text him a 2nd time until you hear back from him. If he's busy doing something or with friends or family, he does not want to check his phone every second because ITS RUDE!

    The solution is quite simple.

    Put down the damn text messaging and give him a call and talk to him like normal people do. Why text him 5 words and wait an hour for a response and drawing it out for hours, when you can spend 5 minutes chatting and making the plans final.


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  • the mistake was first, not now.

    can you picture, say a TV show going on for years, airing on a daily basis, still delivering pure quality episodes time and time again? creativity can afford that :P there is no way you realistically expect to keep that amount of comunication with each other for even one year, and if you did, you would probably bore each other dearly sooner than you think.

    it is a BAD idea to do it, however, since, apparently you met and did not get the chance to date soon? perhaps you did not want to let things "grow colder" so if there was a spark at the begining, you both work hard to keep it until you finally wer able to have your date, and that is completed, and you KNOW the atration is there and the spark did not fade, you can now relax and try for a more average communication with each other, knowing you will be seeing each other and developing thigs further.

  • It is too soon to worry. You did make plans already so the anticipation bliss is a huge relief off the shoulders. So just give him until tomorrow.

    I don't like waiting either. Come to think of it this more common than not. He doesn't want to act or be overbearing . allowing you to think things through. Sounds like He has a keeper. Let him know you missed him hoping he would call. Guys are either too pushy or not enough.

    You women wanted to take our role away so this is what you are left with lol.

    Not against women just women's lib did make full circle. Now we do not take initiatives as mush or at all anymore in the early stages of dating.

    I do but had a tough lesson in waiting for a women almost useless if they call the shots. So let him know it's HIS show lol


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  • Give the poor guy a break. Don't text him any more, give him a chance to get in touch with you.

    If he doesn't get in touch with you by the time you are supposed to go out on Monday then figure he was just being nice and didn't like you as much as you liked him and move on.

  • Sometimes guys just aren't as diligent with their phones as us women can be. I don't think it's a good idea to use this to determine if he's leading you on. I'd say give him another date, and see what happens. Also, some people aren't really into phone communication but are much better in person when talking and socializing. If Monday doesn't happen, or doesn't go well, then you'll have a definite answer. But I'd give at least until then! Best of luck with your man problems!

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