Has insecurities/over-thinking caused any of you a break up?

My ex and I broke up in November. He was my first for everything but he has always had girls around him trying to date him or flirt with him, and him moving to another university an hour away didn't help the cause. He moved away for a baseball scholarship, Well we broke up earlier in the year (for about a month) after about 3 years of dating and this guy stepped in made me feel better, but I decided to go back to my ex. After our recent break up the guy showed up again and we began dating about 2 weeks after my ex and I broke up. Downfall is he isn't doing anything in life while my ex is going in for his masters degree. My ex was great but he likes attention from other women, while this other guy is really sweet and caring, but I still think of my ex from time to time when I'm laying down. The other guy is sweet but he messed up his life at young age but has a criminal record and isn't going to college. I don't let it bother me too much because he is really nice but my parents don't approve. Any advice?


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  • Insecurities are always my issues in relationships...

    My 8 month relationship has been the longest because of that. But we've been on and off...

    When you find yourself going back to someone one time after another, it means you have hope things will workout this time around. I think if there's a chance to stay with your ex or go back to him. Do it. Your always going to be insecure and over think things when you two are apart, which will cause you two to argue cause you'll put too much attention on something that is totally in your head. Think about how there's a good reeason why you two been together this far along.

    If it can't and doesn't workout with your ex, which I hope it does, then give yourself time then find yourself a rebound [: