What could I have possibly done wrong?

Alright so this is basically an update from my previous question. I started texting this girl a couple of days ago and each day until now she would stop texting me out of no where. Like I barely got to even know her and she does this, we didn't even text for 10 minutes each time. So of course I didn't text her back the same day so that I wouldn't come off as pushy. Texted her again only this time no reply at all, so I'm like fuck it your lost (I didn't actually say that). I texted her for the last time saying "I guess I'll take the hint that you're no longer interested in talking, take care".

It's just crazy because she seemed very interested and was how I was, what am I up to, or did I have a good day. I know for sure I said nothing that would throw her off because we barely even talked. Why are girls so indirect about this kinda stuff, why not just be straightforward and say it for what it is. Then they wonder why there are those guys that are very persistent and won't leave them alone. Some guys are good at taking hints. So my question would could have possibly have had happened for her to lose interest so fast when we barely got to know each other.


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  • Agree with what the other person below commented. Sounds cliche, but it's not you. To be fair, guys do this as well and no one really seems to think much of just stopping talking midway... like, if you say something, they will go on explaining how something suddenly came up and they don't have to tell you everything, and you're the one acting strangely...

    In the end it's an education/ politeness thing to at least warn when you have to leave the conversation for any reason. Even on the phone some people barely greet anymore, just cut you off.

    Perhaps you should try and reason with them, or just go and find someone who already thinks like you.

    • Yeah like I'm a very straightforward person, I'd rather her just say she was longer interested in talking than to do what she did. But I'm not trippin, it's her loss we could've been good friends or something not every girls number I get do I expect to eventually date.

  • don't think too much on this one. it probably has nothing to do with you and everything to do with her


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