Why would a guy want a third person on a date with a girl?

okay so I've been eyeing on this guy for about 6 months since the camp I went to in July. I added him on Facebook and only chatted to him once in a while.

We were gonna meet up couple of times but never happened

Finally we're meeting up for dinner! But he wants to invite a mutual friend. wth when I mentioned a male mutual friend he ignored completely and asked if I know this girl (who I'm actually really good friends with) then he wanted to bring more guys of my age.. and I stopped him right there.

seriously does he want to make our date I've been waiting for so long, into a Christmas dinner get together or what :/

okay just on a side note, the girl who's joining us for dinner is just friends with him. nothing else. and she was gonna organize something so that I could see him. so there's absolutely nothinf between them.

Do guys tend to bring people when they're not interested in a girl they're meeting up with or just to make it not an official date?! so the girl can't say they were on a date?

a friend of mine thinks he's not interested in me after hearing this. but I'm not sure... why would any guy in the middle of playing golf (hes a golfer) keep replying to messages if they're not interested?

what do you think?


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  • For comfort and maybe it makes him feel more relaxed


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  • If he wants to bring an extra person, girl or guy, its because he doesn't want it to be a date. As a guy, that is like the worst fear that you'll ask a girl out and she won't get it is a date and invites other friends, so if a guy does it to you, sounds to me like he is either completely oblivious this was supposed to be a date or he wants to make sure it isn't. Sorry.


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  • For safety

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