Girls... Do you play hard to get over text?

Is this something that is common? I have been texting this girl, and she Seemed REALLY into me, but know she takes forever to reply, but still a lot of smileys and stuff. I am guessing she most likely lost interest...

She said she wasn't looking for a relationship, but I brought her flowers and a card at work anyway.


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  • When it comess to texting... I usually reply right away or a few moments after I recieve it (so I don't seem too eagar). I do have those moments when I forget to reply, or my phone dies.

    But the closest I've come to playing hard to get over a text is being sarcastic/ a smart ass, and not doing what a guy wants me to.

    It's hard to say... It could jsut be the way she texts or she could have lost interest. One way you could find out is by stop messaging her, and if she eventually messages then you have your answer. If she doesn't you still ahve your answer, but probably not the one you were hoping for.

    But, I'm not going to lie if a guy pisses me off or I lose interest I'll stopresponding and hope he gets the message.

    • The problem with the "stop and wait" method is that if she does reply back she could just start the same thing up again.

      Just watch out for continual patterns, QA. If she does it again, she may just like your attention, and not actually be in to you. Girls will get upset at a guy who they know will text her but doesn't actually like him

    • Thanks for the advice =)

      But, ummm.. The thing is I am a girl, I'm into guys, and trust me I know what you mean

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  • sometimes I read texts and forget to respond haha even if it's a guy I like! I also sometimes will be super responsive and then less responsive later on because I realize I opened up too quickly and then I hate myself for falling too fast (again). if I don't like a guy I try to avoid exclamation points and smileys at nearly all costs.

  • sometimes I delay for up to 48hrs because I'm busy or just don't feel like texting.

  • No I'm usually the chaser


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