Don't the Duck Dynasty wives not like kissing men with such huge beards?

The younger guys have REALLY gorgeous wives... and like, it can't be pleasant to be kissing men with huge, thick beards. o0


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  • Hahahahaha I've always thought the same too buddy.


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  • There was an interview I seen on TV a couple of days ago and the wives were asked if they like the beards or not and all but one said they liked them with beards. I'm sure they don't mind maybe except the one wife who wants her husband clean and facial hair free.

    • Lol which wife said she didn't like it? My guess is Missy said it

    • Honestly I don't watch the show so I don't know which said it. lol I just happened to see the interview :)

  • Actually, Willie is handsome/hot. His brother is attractive as well. I feel like they have a 3rd brother I am forgetting about. They're attractive

    • did not call them ugly

      said their beards are prob annoying to kiss

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    • Wow I wouldn't have though many women think Willie is hot

    • I think they are all hot personally. Well the three that are on the show the oldest brother is not on it but my favorite is the youngest, Jep. Mmmm Mmmm mmmm.

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  • Yeah well they also run a real buisness and are super rich. Plus, many women are attracted to men who have beards and won't admit it. Its a masculine thing. As long as you clean it and don't let stuff grow in it , its not gross.

  • In my experience girls love facial hair. I have to be clean shaven for the job I do so I can't even let scruff grow out. :-/