Why would he call me but not answer or text back?

Me and this guy would always stare at each other. He would steal side glances of me and my friend would notice he would always be staring at me when I wouldn't be looking. When I would be looking he would look away and try to avoid eye contact. I smiled at him once but he just stayed looking at me and kept walking off. I saw him 20 min after that and I looked away but my friend said he turned super red and stayed looking at the door we came in.

I last saw him a week and a half ago. I decided I was going to give him my number. I noticed he was staring at my friends and me and when I got done with my test I waited outside for him but when he saw me he didn't want to look at me. I almost didn't give him my number but I caught up to him and said "hey" he turned back at me and smiled and I said "here you go" and he got the note but started walking off opening it.

Later that day I took a nap because I was tired and I got a missed call. I called back 30 min later but it rang twice and the machine said the voicemail is not setup and bye. I texted the number two hours later saying I had a missed call from that number and who is it but I didn't get a text back.

It's been over a week.

I know that it was him who called me, but I am confused on why he wouldn't answer or text back or not call again.

I know that no one is a mind reader lol but I am just curious and want advice.

Why would he call but then not want to talk when I try to contact him back? HELP PLS

I get he won't contact me at all and to let it go but I get by some that there is a good chance he might.


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  • Every thing is good. Only good things happen to you. First don't worry about anything. Be cool then you can find much more great ideas. After choose a good one. If he is special one for you, no fear it happen as good. If not ...

    What do you think about him in your mind? How much he is important in your life? Is he teasing? Or a shy person?

    If he is more important to you then please talk direct with him first know about his manners and his mind. Then keep good conversation.

    Last one don't guess about him before he told anything to you as how much you in his heart?

    • I won't be able to talk to him because he hasn't texted or called me. I don't think he is going to contact but I didn't know who he was. I gave him my number hoping I would find out. He called once buy when I tried calling and texting back he didn't bother answering me or hasn't tried contacting me

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