Guy doesn't contact me between dates

I have been on two dates with a really sweet and kind guy that I have known for 3 years. The first date was an accident and it was a surprise crush. Then we go out on a second date, and he was super perfect, opens doors for me, buys me supper, etc. We couldn't stop talking and laughing. At the end, I initiated a long hug and he gave me a kiss on the cheek and wandered off awkwardly. I'm so sure that he likes me when I'm with him, and he made plans with me before the end of the date. I text him after that he could call me anytime he wants to (invitation), but he answers back: well meet soon! I then ask him how was his day the next evening (by text) I receive a very cute and detailed answer afterward, but he won't answer my call and he doesn't answer my following texts. It's been more than 3 days and I wonder if he's really into me. The fact is I feel very confident and every sign indicates that he really likes me when I'm with him, but I find his silence cold when we're not together. By the way, his ex girlfriend was super controlling, so I figured he might be scared of an overly attached girlfriend. I didn't text nor call after the first attempt unanswered. Plus, our next meeting may involve his parents casually. He's a very respectful and serious man. And he's a little bit nervous around me. I still wonder if maybe he's just not a phone or text person, or he's scared or busy or he's just not as into me as I am into him? It's the first time I ever doubt about myself because normally I'm the one who doesn't answer back because I'm not interested. Help!


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  • He's probably giving you space out of all due respect. I would not try to be on a woman's back everyday after any number of dates.


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