I'm Bangable but not Dateable?

Okay so two guys I know said they would want to have sex with be like they really would, but they wouldn't want to date me. Both have girlfriends though, but I took that as an insult what does that mean? I am not slutty or anything so idk


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  • it means that they would wanna do you

    but not date you.

    • Haha I know that, I just wonder why.

    • Well there could be quite a few reasons

      as to why they would only wanna do you

      it could be because your hot.

      it could also be because your

      hot and they have girlfriends. so

      they can't date you.

      even though they pretty much

      suggested that they would

      cheat on their girlfriend

      its complex

    • Ya it seems complex. but thanks for your opinon and help

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  • It means those guys have boiling testosterone or frustrations (or both) and think with the wrong head.

  • Ignore them, they aren't worth your time.


What Girls Said 1

  • are you pretty? honestly

    • Well I've been offered to do modeling, and people tell me I am. I really am being honest btw ha

    • Ok just checking lol..do you attract a lot of guys then? maybe they don't want the competition of all the guys and want to date someone they don't have to worry about as much

    • Well idk...haha. I'm really oblivious to a lot of things. Maybe I'm just not their type, but that kind of doesn't make sense I mean I am not a bitch and I'm not a nagging girlfriend.