Girls - Should I text her for the holidays?

Met this girl around September, liked her, and I mean really liked her, hungout with her several times, talked in person for hours and we texted semi-frequently, but after I mentioned a date, everything changed. Now we aren't talking and haven't texted each other since the around the end of November, but, we talked in person once before school ended about a few weeks back for a good amount of time because we saw each other. But since then there has been no contact and still no texts.

Or should I just let her go and move on? I really miss her, and I don't know how to break the silence, or should I even bother. Or should I wait until the next semester starts and pray that I run into her in school or text her when school starts and possibly see if she wants to hangout during class break?

If I text her during the holidays is it weird to ask her to hangout with me sometime before school starts? Is this a good idea?

What do I do, I really miss her and I have this little hope that maybe, I can possibly win her over in the long run or the future, I think it's like a one sided love and it really feels bad.

What do I do, I can't take the lonliness :(.


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  • I would say it is okay to text her for the holidays to just wish her a Merry Christmas or Happy New Year. I would hold off on asking her to hang out until you see how she reacts with your holiday text. If a conversation seems to take place and it seems as if she would be okay with hanging out, then ask her. Otherwise don't because then she may not want to and may end up stop talking all together.

    • So than Christmas day I should? Should I try to create conversation...if I text her tomorrow should I on New Years too? Or you think it's best to wait until the semester starts again and text if she wants to meet up during class break or create random conversation about school or just hope I randomly run into her...

      So many thoughts in my head I don't know what to do..

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    • I would wait and see if she replies and if not, do not text her again and wait for her to come to you. I'm sorry!

    • She won't come to me, I know her well enough, she's a very odd girl. She never came to me, even when we were just friends and before I confessed my feelings.

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  • Yes, it's fine but you're not going to hlep yourself move on ifyou do


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  • You talked about a date -> she went non friendly.

    You should move on. Move on. Maybe a good new year's resolution ?

    • It's more detailed than that, I just generalized it. She said that she's looking for a friend right now because she's trying to fix her life up, but she did call me good looking and said I'm awesome and super fun to talk to. She did mention not having feelings for me that way, but I feel as if she's insecure and damaged from her past relationship because she told me what happened and it ended bad, and her Boyfriend is a douche. Plus when we see each other we talk, she giggles, blushes, gets shy.

    • And stuff. I just don't know what to think, I really liked her, it's the thought that I'll never come across a person like that ever again sucks, plus she bought me a present on the second time we hungout. I think maybe I scared her. I don't know I've been a lonely person and it's hard to make friends or come across a girl I connect with.

    • You have to understand something : whatever follows the "no thank you, I'm not interested in dating you" is complete bullshit, and you shouldn't believe a word of it. It's as simple as "if she likes you, she will date you". Everybody is damaged, to an extent. Yet people date and still hope. Don't waste any more time on her, she's just not that into you.