Am I wasting my time on Love and finding dates

I feel I am wasting my time with love and dating due to the the bad and negative responses I have gotten from 95% of women from trying to get a date, even though I respectfully talk to them. I don't do that typical player sh*t.

The responses have gotten so bad that all I do now is just make eye contact, nod, and acknowledge then, then pass them by.

I start a normal conversation like a decent person, and I'm practically tired of getting laughed at, walked away from, and even ignored and stared at like I'm some monster. I'm f*cking tired of it all. All I crave is touch and companionship from someone other than my f*cking family members, who give me next to nothing anyway

  • Do I even deserve to be loved?
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  • Instead of trying hard , forget about it and work on yourself both physically and mentally and your social life too. For instance try to keep healthy looking , try out some new good outfits , be elegant and good looking then try to keep your life busy do interesting things present yourself as a very interesting man and don't pay more attention to woman then they will come to you without even trying take a period off to work on yourself your laugh your poster , your way of talking ...etc


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  • Then stop dating and you'll never find someone

    No one said dating is easy, no one said love is easy

    At least if you're trying you have a chance

    Hang in there

  • Yes you deserve to be loved. I'm thinking you might come across as too earnest maybe - for initial convo I think some girls like it to be light-hearted, fun, a little flirty and no strings attached.


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