Men: What made a bad date bad?

Turnoffs, issues with paying the bill, personality, etc.


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  • I hate it when the woman spends a lot of time complaining about other people in her life. I don't want to hear how every person you have ever met did you wrong, or how everyone you meet is an idiot. I also can't stand it when they are rude to the servers. This attitude is typically what I have ran into that has ruined dates for me.


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  • It varies with the girl. Some bad dates I can recall.

    The girl being way too chatty. I mean a date where I maybe say 5 sentences over the course of an hour and she's just chatting away and I can't even keep track.

    Bragging about being hit on. This one girl was literally bragging about how many messages she was getting and how one guy managed to find her job and stalk her there. She was not scared at all, she was proud! Major turnoff.

    Lack of physical attraction. Not referring to sex on the first date here. I'm referring to shyness in even hugging and such. Things need to progress, not be taken as if she has a phobia.

    Assuming way too much too soon. If I go on one date, it's just that. I'm not committed yet. It needs time.

  • She's not interested in anything I say, I tell a story I get maybe a quirk smile or lol but no expansion by her or at least attempt showing interest.

    Too much talk about other guys, unless he's your gay best friend,brother or similar I don't need to know. Maybe if its a few dates in and we know each other pretty well you can broach the subject of ex's briefly but not constant

    On your phone all the time, I'm here to talk to you and spend my time with you, not your social network.

    There's no follow up to it, no talk of another date.

    • yeah can't imagine someone even constantly checking their phone so talking on their phone would be a big no-no. I would be done with them.

  • Freaking out about me paying the Bill for her.

    • haha no way, whaaa!? how'd she freak out? Did you end up splitting it or something?

    • She demanded to pay for the next date. But she scared me of really. No 2nd date

  • Talking about her ex bf's and fighting with me about paying her share of the bill.

  • Well, it's all personality, isn't it really?

    She has nothing itneresting to say. She bitches about her exes: even if some of them were bad, a date is not the right place; and if they were all bad, the chances are it's her fault, and she's too blind to see it. She doesn't make an effort to look nice. She doesn't make an effort to be happy and smiley. She's late. She talks about herself constantly. She's uncomfortable being sexual: I don't expect sex on a first date, but if she has a stand-offish attitude about physical intimacy in general, objectifying herself as a prize to be won by me rather than as an equal human being who loves and desires intimacy, then she shouldn't be upset if I start seeing her less as an equal human being and more as an object. She doesn't offer to pay her half: I don't mind paying, but if she doesn't at least offer, I feel like I'm being used.

    • Hmm makes sense. I can kinda see where the stand-offish attitude comes in if she told you she's had bad experiences with other guys before. It's hard to find the line of getting physically comfortable too early. Overall tho, yeah I'd pass that too.

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