How to get a guy to text you?

So this guy said he'd text me but he still hasn't done it. How can I egg him on to text me without me being too obvious or rude? How can I get him to message me without me doing it first?

He texted me Merry Christmas so now I can move forward. Thanks.


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  • Just text him and say "forget about me? What's up?" Don't fall into the "who texts you" games. Guys need to know a girl is interested in them just as much as you want to know if he's interested in you. No reply = no thanks. It's that simple. Face things head on or you'll just look like another girl who wants to have everything handed to her.

    • Wrongo. I'm was just unsure how to approach a situation. I couldn't text him. We didn't exchange numbers. He took mine and then said bye and left to go to dinner with a friend. I can face things head on just fine but it's kinda hard to text when you don't have that person's number. So now that I got it I can go from there. Thanks.

  • Guys love to be given hints. If you want to text him, there are no rules to life. Do what makes you happy, and don't wait for him to make the first move. Don't come on strong, but just let him know you were thinking about him and wanted to talk to him. How long has it been since you met him and where and how did you two meet? If it was at a club, then you may have to make the first move because a club is a very noncommital place, where a phone number doesn't mean too much.

    • We meet at an alumni event for a newspaper we all used to work at as high schoolers. We're now junior's in college. I figured he may just include me in the mass texts people send out for Xmas and he did so now I can move forward. Thanks!

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