Is my boyfriend stingy or he doesn't care for me?

I feel right now, holidays had pass even my birthday but my boyfriend never gave me a gift(even a simple hand-written card). The thing is we're together physically because he works from another country, and we only communicate through chatting and texting. Holiday season came and he just send me a text message. Just to learn that he sends gifts for his godchildren and his friends. Now I feel really down right now...


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  • If he sends gifts to other people then yea it doesn't seem like he cares. And chatting, and texting holds no weight but only to that person you don't see him but in your mind you guys are together. But that doesn't mean he feels the same way it so easy to send a text...its so easy to send a message to someone saying that you care about them.

  • You can do much better. Delete/block him, he does not deserve you.

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