How to know what she likes?

OK so I've been texting this girl for about a month or so and everythings going great. We've been flirting with each other quite a bit and that's brilliant.

We went on a date a few weeks ago (havent seen her since cos she went home fron xmas) and when I dropped her off we kissed for a while. We've arranged a 2nd date and I'm going round to her flat to watch a film.

What I'm wondering is how to know if she wants to have sex or just mess around first? And also how can I find out over text message what kinda stuff she likes sexually (while keeping it flirty and not creepy)


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  • Ask her!

  • A second date is to early to ASSUME you're going to have sex, so take it as just going to her flat to watch a movie. No harm in keeping a condom on you, just in case. I wouldn't rush anything though, and make sure you feel out the vibe- she'll let you know if she wants to have sex or mess around.

    Regarding figuring out what she likes sexually... again, I think it may be to early on to bring this up. Best way is trial and error. You should wait to have sex until you're comfortable asking her what she likes in person, and until she's comfortable telling you what she likes. It usually comes up organically, so don't rush that conversation.


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