Had a really nice date but he didn't text me on Christmas?

Went out on a second date the other day, was really nice! Took me to a really nice cinema and we had food after. We were holding hands all the time and he'd always find a reason to be close to me. He text me to see if I got home OK when I left and I text back saying I got home and that I had a really nice time.. Then he text me saying yeah me too , wish you could of stayed for longer. I then left it with saying let me know when your free next to meet up (Because he said earlier on that he wanted to see me again). But its Christmas day and I Haven't heard anything from him. I know he's busy with family and so am I but I just thought it would be nice if he text me. He's also been on twitter, so he can't be that busy. Am I looking to much into it? Do you think he's waiting for me to text(eventhough I text him last)? Or is he not too bothered about me?


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  • It's still Christmas, so you never know, he still has time to text you. You can text him if you want and wish him a Merry Christmas, it's a nice thing to do and wishing someone a Merry Christmas shouldn't be about whether or not the person is into you, so don't think of it like that- it's just a good spirited thing to do :) Merry Christmas!