After 8 weeks of no contact...Xmas text?

This girl that I asked out twice and told me no just friends type answers (even though her roomate took me aside to tell me otherwise and that she was insecure) text me to say that she hoped I had a nice xmas. I texted back the same thing to her just to be civil as we will meet again as we have mutual friends.

Why would she bother texting me knowing how I feel about her and knowing that it would make me think of her. Why didn't she just leave me alone? Surely she doesn't honestly think that we can be friends like nothing has happened? She broke me twice and expects me to forget about it? Any ladies shed some light on what's going through this girls head? really appreciate it!

Kind of bummed because I was doind well trying to forget about her and was doing the no contact thing. Even deleted her number off of my phone but being the sad act I am I recognised it straight away!


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  • It could be one of three things, either she could have feelings for you, she still wants to remain friends, or she wants to know if she still has your attention. As girls, we can say no we're just friends when it comes to being asked on dates if we actually think that way and don't wanna ruin a friendship or if we are afraid of ruining that friendship because we actually have feelings for the guy. It could also tie in with us not wanting to be vulnerable. If you know she likes you and she knows you know, that leaves her very vulnerable.

    Another possibility is that she actually still cares and wants you in her life as a friend. Any girl will send out Christmas texts, or any holiday texts for that matter, to the friends they really care about. This is just her trying to show you that you are still important to her.

    One of the last possibilities is that she wants to know if she still has your attention. Every girl, and I mean EVERY, is at fault for this. We know that a guy likes us, yet we don't want to be with them. But, we try to play nice with them and make it seem as if everything is okay just to know we still have their attention. Usually this is because we aren't getting male attention from anyone else (no, this doesn't have to be sexual, just the casual compliments) so we turn to the sure thing.

    Either way, you need to be honestly with her and tell her to either tell you what's going on or she has to stop. That is the only way you will get her to stop. As girls, we can be oblivious at times to males' feelings.

    • Thanks very much for your reply! I'm going to keep doin no contact and see what happens. If she makes contact again I'm going to ask her to stop.

    • You're welcome! I hope all works out for you :)

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  • No don't. It's better to leave at no contact


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