So he texted me, but it's kind of not going anywhere...?

Okay so my ex boyfriend texted me the other day out of the blue...he told me about having to put his dog to sleep. (So sad.) We had been trying to be friends, but I hadn't heard from him in awhile, so I was kind of surprised.

Anyway, we shared a few texts and then he didn't reply to my last text.

I really enjoy talking with him, but now I am wondering if he just sent me the text to let me know since he knew I loved the dog...and not because he actually wanted to talk to me...

I don't want to seem needy or desperate to talk or anything, so I am going to wait until he contacts me again...but I would really like a possible explanation for his behavior.

Any ideas? Did he not really wanna talk...?


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  • I guess he could have just texted you to let you know what happened with his dog, and maybe he just didn't think about how it would effect you. I can't speak for him, but you can try giving him a call if you like. Good luck either way~


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