Texted my crush a Merry Christmas, no response yet, what to do?

Long story short, I ended up asking a girl out on an official date after hanging out with her a few times and without any specific details, lets just say I got rejected, after not texting for a bit but having a one on one face encounter since the falling out, I texted her a Merry Christmas for the holidays after not texting for a month plus, and I got no response it's been a day already.

Not really sure what to do, should I text her again, wait, should I text her on New Years?

Note: She always used to be a shitty texter.



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  • just leave it.


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  • Just let it go

    Don't dwell on it

  • Nothing don't do anything.Just wait until she texts back who cares if she doesent but whatever you do do NOT get clingy.

    • How long should I wait, until New Years or something? I am not getting clingy, I haven't talked to her for a month when we had our falling out because I expressed romantic feelings, more like, we haven't texted in a month, but had one run in together where we talked for hour or some on campus since the incident.

      If she doesn't what should I do? Text her, well I hope you enjoyed your holidays, not sure if you're ignoring me, but, it's cool. or something.

    • wait a couple of weeks a little longer then new years before you text her like three weeks just say like "hey" if she doesent respond she's clearly not interested in talking (not to sound rude but its the truth).if you can try talking wiht her face to face.

    • That's the weird thing, we haven't texted in a month until I did yesterday, but, in that month of not texting, we have seen each other face to face and had long hour long conversations walking around the hallway, like nothing happened..

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