Tell me what you think of this, I am so done.

So to sum the past three month up,

I was talking to this chick. We were about to date. She told me there was another dude she was talking to. I told her she had to make up her mind and choose one of us. Four weeks later I tell her to make up her mind because I am done being lead on and played with. She picks the other guy and tell's me she knows I care about her more but she has stronger feelings for him since she has known him longer. I stopped being flirtatious and cute with her and we ended that on mutual terms.

A week after I ended it, last night, she texts me,

Her: "Heyy you still up?"

Me: "Yea, Why"

Her: "Just wanted to talk to someone..."

Me: "Is something up"

Her: "Kinda... I'm kinda upset..."

Me: "Oh, That sucks"

Her: "Yea... Thanks for the nice."

Me: "What's wrong? Did something happen?"

then she replies back on me flipping out how for someone who really cares about her I don't seem to care and she was finally going to talk to me for once but no, She's sorry she even bother me...

Anyway, I calmed her down and she wasn't pissed at me and she told me what was bothering her and I tried to comfort her.

But my question is, What do you guys make of the situation? Her texting me a week after I end it looking for me to care about her?

I do care about her, I still love her... But I really have to get rid of those feelings or else I'm just going to get hurt again by her... That's why to begin with I didn't ask her what was wrong...


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  • So she's mad at you because you didn't show her that you care? After she picked another guy over you? And this is the girl you want to be with? Really? You deserve a lot better. She's using you for the attention. Leave it be and find a better girl who deserves you.

    • She has really been through hell and back and on top of that she is bipolar... That's why I still care a lot about her. She has done things that I have stopped her from doing again...

      I was trying to be "cold" with her that's why I just said "Oh, That sucks..."

      Typically I would have been like "I'm so sorry sweety, What's wrong? is there anything I can do?"

      But when she got mad that just killed me because I felt like a douche bag...

  • hmm...this girl seems to be unsure of what and who she wants...and it's gonna be trouble and painful for you to be led by her.

    My suggestion is that you connect with her, and talk to her and not only show her you care, but you'd like to be the one who leads her in her life...and see how she takes it from there. If it works, she'll be yours =)

    If not, move on =(


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