How long do you wait to meet someone in person who you met online once you think you click with them?

For those of you who have tried online dating and found people online who you click with, how long did you converse with them online before deciding to meet them in person? How long would you recommend someone else to wait before meeting someone face-to-face who they connected with online?


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  • Well, I have met some of my exes online as well as a guy I'm currently seeing. Honestly, I decided by how comfortable I was talking to that person. I met the guy I'm currently dating after two weeks, one ex after one week, and two months for the first guy I met online. There isn't really a time period you should wait as long as you feel comfortable meeting that person. I would recommend meeting somewhere really public like the mall. Unfortunately, I have friends that would go straight from talking to someone online to driving to their house...which isn't safe.

    • I agree with you on driving to the person's house right away not being safe, although the first guy I met online that actually moved to real-life meeting came to my house, but my parents were there and met him briefly. That was awkward, but it made me feel a little safer.

    • Hah! That happened to me too, except it was only my mom and his mom accompanied him to my house. Definitely makes you feel safer.

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  • 5 messages tops exchanging phone numbers. Phone conversation or two preferred but not necessary. Texting OK up until the meet.

    Too many people have fake profiles. I have spotted so many people who fake things. Girls claim to "run their own business" when they're nothing more than a door to door sales person. Or supervisors who claim they are managers. Outdated photos when they've gained a lot of pounds. Guys lie about their height and age all the time(thus girls with the "don't be old enough to be my father" demands).

    So why am I saying to meet people asap when the sites all have these kinds of people. Because that's when you find out! You'll be emailing these people forever and in one simple 20minute meetup, you get all this shit out of the way instead emailing said liar a week investing all these messages into them. So you're emailing a guy who says he is 6'0 when he is actually 5'1 for a week or so just to get your hopes up to find out he's shorter. Some of the best liars write the smartest emails. You just fall into a trap and end up extremely let down.

  • The guy I know who did the most online dating asked to meet in his first message.

    So many people are not looking to meet anyone or have fake profiles or you meet in person and it's not there. So he'd ask to coffee or an after dinner drink immediately.

    I think that's a good approach if you are post-school and close to the people. If you're going to have to travel hours it's a different scenario.

  • 5 days

    • that's fast standDown :P

    • No it's not fast actually. You do not want to waste your time sharing so much for not. Meeting in person to see the person for who they are in a short hour or three in a public meeting spot. You get all of those curious questions out of the way that chatting could not.

      After that you take it as slow as needed.

      I have talked to some for months that seemed like great connections online but once meeting up didn't feel it. A lot of wasted time and sharing too much for not. ya know?

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