Texting Confusion.

So on Friday my friends and I went to this hockey game and we were just having fun. Anyways this girl comes up to me and asks me if I think some guy is cute and I said yes. A minute later I can see a bunch of his friends(and the girl) huddling around each other and glancing at me. Eventually he asked for my number so I gave it to him. A couple of minutes passed and he starts texting me...now the part that confuses me is that ever since tht Friday night he hasn't texted me so I texted him wishing him Merry Christmas. Did I do something wrong? I am not sure if he is interested or not...pls help :)


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  • Hmmm... Girls do that to me sometimes, but I never heard from them again... I don't know if he lost interest. Maybe he is making you want him? Some people get off on that.


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