Feel really sorry for him.

Since we first laid eyes on each other this really shy girl has showed signs of liking me. I did not like her. A couple of months later I started liking her and I asked her out but came on to strong and blah blah blah she said no. After a couple of weeks she was slowly won over and we went on a date. The circumstances of the date/hangout meant that she really really liked me. After the date I came on to strong again and she freaked out and I decided to stupidly play hard to get to spur her into action and so I ignored all her signs. After this she went back into her shell and stopped texting me back and stopped making it obvious she really liked me. All whilst this was going on her really close friend

liked her and I could see he knew that she liked me. All her guy friends and girl friends knew she liked me.

After I played hard to get she still showed signs of subconsciously liking me i.e checking me out from behind and acting weird around me. However she started dating that close friend.

SO it seems he is plan B. I think they have stopped dating now and he seems hurt and he thinks that it is because of me. Also she is still showing signs of liking me. He has started acting really weird around me like before. Would it be a good idea to tell her that I really do no like her any more assuming she does like me? Or would it be a good idea to tell this guy I do not like her? I did like this girl and would not mind dating her as she is nice (I do not feel anything for her now I like someone else) and I think they would be a good couple and he is definitely right for her.


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  • At this point, you are not involved. Unless one of them comes up to you and says something, you are neither obligated nor encouraged to stick your nose in.

    Just imagine how this guy would feel too - if his girlfriend dumped him, and this other guy had the gall to come up to him and say "sorry your relationship didn't work out buddy; I think she liked me too much, but the girl you liked wasn't good enough for me. Thus, you couldn't even handle my leftovers".

    NOT that you would say anything like that of course! But it's very possible that he might take it that way, and think that you're an arrogant prick for rubbing this failed relationship in his face. It doesn't help him to tell him that the whole thing was an illusion.

    This is sad, because it sounds like you're a really good guy and kudos to you for being so empathetic!

    I think that the only thing that might help is if you go to the girl herself. Just start a casual convo with her (preferably after making another girl your official girlfriend) to politely ask about her last boyfriend and why it might have failed. Emphasize that you're interested in someone else, that you know it's not any of your business, but that you couldn't help saying something because you really thought that he and she would make a good couple and you hope that they'll work it out soon.

    • Thanks. I know how much it hurts when you like someone and they like someone else. Also I do not like leading people on and I do not want that guy to hate me. He acts really intimidated around me.

  • Tell them both then move on.


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