How to know if a guy is just stressed or pulling away.

I have been dating someone for awhile we have gone through a lot recently and he has been gone traveling for work. He has a lot of family stress. a lot I know it's hard because he isn't home to fix things he wants to. But recently I have felt like he is pushing away. I haven't seen him in 3 months and he was home and didn't make time to see me. He was only home for a couple days and it was the holidays I was just hurt. He completly checks out when he gets stressed. Which means he doesn't text me back etc. usually I don't care but recently I just feel like he feels I will always be here. How do I know if he is just stressed or pulling away?

He left yesterday and will be back the first of the year for a few days. I texted him last so I'm just not going to text him or anything until he is home. Is ignoring him the right way to go? I want to see him when he is home. Before he leaves for 2 months again. I just don't know the way to play this? Any help I really appreciate!


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  • He sounds exactly like me. He's probably frustrated more than anything. I know that's how I am because I behave somewhat the same way. Talking, talking, talking. It's so important you communicate your concern and he communicates his feelings. I understand he shuts down completely when he stresses, but you need to relieve his stress through talking before he can shut down.

    • I have tried everything everyone says if he doesn't respond don't text him. But that's not how I am he didn't respond for 2 days but then on Christmas he put a status that worried me so I called he didn't answer didn't answer and then finally he texted me saying he was just really stressed and all that. He shuts down when I want to talk I just don't know if I'm being stupid even trying anymore

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