How do I tell him I like him over email/text?

My BGF likes me, but I'm pretty sure he thinks I don't like him. We won't be seeing each other for a few weeks, school break and then he's going on a cruise, so I wan to know how I can tell him I like him and that we can go out. Thanks!


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  • I would wait until he's back. Don't bother his vacation with a potentially problematic conversation. Its all the sweeter when he hears it from your mouth. Just coax him into a conversation about dating. You're love confessions will come naturally. My girlfriend became my fiancee then wife and I had that kinda conversation and when we were both on the same page without manipulation...we both fell in love with eachother all over again...

    Anyways, I will save you the love story. What I'm trying to say, is don't make it impersonal by texting or emailing. You can initiate the conversation through tx/email, tell him you need to talk.


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  • Stay away from typing it. If you can wait until the next time you see him to tell him, do that. If you absolutely must talk to him before then (texting/emailing) etc..then just be short and to the point about it. Don't go on and on because we'll think you're not being real. Tell him "hey, I like you and want to be with you". Hopefully he feels the same way. If he does, he'll do something about it

    • Don't even say that you "like him" don't be too upfront.

      I would do exactly what redtide said: - Don't text/email him to say you like him

      But instead ask him out, just say some thing like "Hey do you want to go grab lunch together?" or something of the sort. When you tell him this he'll be wondering if you like him or not and it'll push him to go on the date. Whilst on the date tell him you like him.

      Thank me later.

    • Eh, you could do that but I think it would be better off telling him first. If he likes you, he'll go out with you. Ya'll are friends already so it's automatically assumed he'll go out with you, but if you tell him, and he doesn't feel the same way, he's not going to want to go out in public with you anymore. It'll be too awkward for him. It's better to just tell him before hand

  • call and tell it is bettet


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