He is interested or not. Or just play game! - online dating.

I had a frist dating with a guy we met online last week. We had a great time. After dating, he text me and suggested another dating. But we did not arrange time. He text me almost every day in this week, but he still didn’t ask me out. Last night, he texted me. We told a lot. I made a joke: hope don’t think all the girl like me! He answered: no I didn’t think I will find my match likely, but I can try. I am very confusing about what he said. I think he didn’t think we match. Finally, he text me he would prefer to go out with me again, but still didn’t arrange time. And today I noticed he update new photo in online dating website.

He is player or still interested..., should I gave up!


He asked me out yesterday afternoon for dating today. It was last minutes invitation. I already had planed this weekends! So I told him: I already have plans, how about next weekends or other time?

He text back : “LOL, OK, I will check my schedule when he is fine with his meetings!”

Maybe I over think, I think last minutes invitation is a little bit offended. And also as he said out dating still pending...


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  • He may think you are not interested in him...hello...ask him out for a date. I will assume you use spell checker and maybe a Grammer checker too.

    Hey...if it isn't there for chemistry...you will feel it too. If you are in doubt, obviously it was a nice night out...some companionship. Just don't give your body to "see if you can keep him"...that, is the wrooong approach. you keep looking too!

  • I think he's not an experienced dater and is a bit uncertain on how fast to go. Reassure him and if you think the two of you are a match, tell him!

    He wouldn't continue to text you if he didn't like you anymore :-)

    Good luck, make it work!


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