What would make a guy dating a girl for 2 months click Like then Unlike a photo she posted of them on Facebook?

My friend dated this athlete for 2 months while he was rehabbing in Miami for 2 months...they had a common love for dogs and fun so they clicked. He left for Chicago where he plays when his health was cleared and 3 weeks, after, he paid for my friend's ticket to visit him. She stayed in his condo for 5 days.

The very next day she left, she posted this sweet picture of them as her profile picture on Facebook. She gave the impression they are a couple because when her friend made a comment they were a cute couple, she responded: " I suppose he would do."

The guy saw that photo only after 2 days and clicked Like..then 2 days after, he Unliked that photo...Now, what could be going on in his mind to do that? That is quite a brazen move, as if he sending a message..what could it be?


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  • Number one - If a question is longer then one paragraph, don't write it.

    Number 2 - Your friend should be writing this (if she cares) not you, who knows you could be embarrassing her by writing this.

    Number 3 - Why do you care this much about one simple click, he could of miss-clicked, maybe he clicked like by accident then thought clicking unlike fixed it.

    If I was you I wouldn't worry that much on one button.


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  • you are overamalyzing things

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