Do you guys have any first date tips?

I have my frist date tomorrow and I'm so nervous. We're going out to lunch, but I've never done this before. Any tips?


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  • Good advice has already been given here. One add'l tip that will allow you to relax a bit and not be so nervous - is to take the approach to the date that you are just going to go eat lunch with someone and chat without any expectations for anything beyond that. That approach can take a lot of pressure off of yourself for having to feel like you're doing the right thing or saying the right thing, etc. So you can relax be yourself, and enjoy the date a little more.

    Don't worry - you'll be just fine!


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  • 1. Keep your eyes on him- Nothing turns a guy off faster then when you're eyeing down a cute guy that passes you by.

    2. Don't be too formal - It will make him nervous

    3. Talk about things that you both like

    4. Be nice

    That's all I can think of!

    :) go get em'!

  • Just act natural, no need to be nervous. Have some things in mind to talk about just in case things get awkward. Don't over do it


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  • Don't be nervous. He'll sense it and then he'll become nervous and then it'll just be full of awkward silence. Just be yourself. Smile a lot. Feel free to say something stupid every now and then. I promise, he won't mind.

  • look nice but not too overdone. just be friendly, if you like him a little flirty but not over the top. just try to keep talking, if the conversation runs flat ask him about himself. just try to be funny but not too cheesy. laugh, be girly. if you like him, touch your hair a bit (twirl it on your fingers), make sure to sit close to him. smile a lot and hold his gaze. be sweet and girly. don't ask him to call you. he should say he wants to see you again at the end if it was a good date and call within 1-3 days MAX. if you don't hear by that time, then dump him. make sure not to eat food that will ruin your teeth. just try to have fun! don't put all your cards out, it's one date.

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