How do I prove to my boyfriend I wasn't texting anyone?

I was in the bathroom doing my thing and when I came up he started messing around with me. It was fun and I was messing back he reached for my pocket where my cell was and I kind of pushed him back trying to be sexy. He was right by a wall. He said I flipped out and was trying to protect my phone because I must have been texting someone. What do I do? How do I prove that I wasn't doing anything? I love him! We have been dating for about 10 years. During the ten years we were broken up for about a total of 3 weeks. Help me. I done want to lose him.


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  • If he doesn't believe or trust you then why are you guys dating? Not trying to be blunt or rude but if he can't trust you after 10 years then that's uncalled for. You shouldn't have to "prove" you are innocent.. This isn't court it is LIFE! Anyways.. GOOD LUCK!


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