Why don't they want to hang out with me anymore?

Here's the thing 4 of us girls used be good friends in university (2 of the girls twins dropped out to a diff school but still met up with us...we were a group). Then 2 girls decided to out of the blue not be friends with me a year ago, stopped inviting me to things. When I confronted one girl about what happened, she exclaimed "its nothing personal" "if someone asks me who my friends are I would say *states 3 names*, not including mine. Made me out to be an acquaintance and nothing more. This occured after she kept telling twins girls (who I was still good friends with) that I was ignoring her a the gym, acting like a bitch to her when literally never did anything and I said hi back to her at the gym and didn't ignore her. The twins know all of this.

Anyway, back in October the twins had their birthday party a day before mine, which I attended by myself not knowing anyone else their besides one twin girl's boyfriend and those other bitchy girls who ignored me and I ignored them.

Then the next day was my birthday party and the twins decided to not come, saying they were way to hungover from yesterday and told me a few hours before my dinner.

I replied back saying how I would never do that to them. And then none replied back. A week passed I would send a text...no reply...I didn't talk to them for a month and called them both a few times so I gave up. Then I contacted one of their boyfriend (mutual sorta friends) and he told me his girlfriend phone wasn't working. I'm like okay and what about they other one, both of their phones don't work. I said that to him. He didn't reply.

And then that did his girlfriend message me on fb saying what's up. And the next day her sister called me saying how her phone was messed and she texted me and had called me and we should hang sometime.

Then she was like okay let's hang this day. Then that day drew close and she goes oh no I have exams, how about after this date. Then I reached out to her and asked her what days you free. She said Thursday and Friday works. And then she told me she has a work event on Thursday (its a long story but its very legit) so I'm okay. Then whatapped her saying let's just do something on Friday then. It shows she read that message and keeps updating her status but has not responded to me:S.

Her sister has totally not responded to any texts! But she has bad habit of responding to texts always...so I'm letting that go:S

Does it sound like I'm chasing them? I don't get it they say okay lets hang... randomly call me like that so then I'm like maybe its just me they still want to be my friends. by the way known these girls since middle school and re-connected in college.


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  • You sound kinda needy. With all due respect did you see the state that they were in the night before, it might have been warranted. To say you'd never do that, isn't the nicest way to treat friends there are alternative ways to express your disappointment. Despite being mutual friends (maybe it's just me) but what are you doing ringing up your friend's boyfriend.

    You do need to ease of your friends and find other people. As for the acquaintance thing, if someone sees you as that then that's what it is. For me an acquaintance is only an acquaintance until I consider them to be more.

    • Well I was being understanding initially and was going to say..'that sucks hope you feel better',but then a different good friend that was at my party (who didn't know the twin girls that didn't show up) asked me why they bailed. I told her the reason and with a sly smile the entite time told me its impossible for them to be hungover that long (from the night before) and their mean girls for not showing upto my party when I went to their party the day before.. I don't drink so I believed her.

    • I contacted the boyfriend because they hadn't been in contact with me for a month!

      Didnt answer calls orvtexts so I wanted to see what's up.

      The acquaintance girl was not one. She acted like...she invited me to her grad party (top six friends only) and then acted like we were never close all of a sudden.

    • In general I would say not to bother with the situation any longer , if they contact you, cool, make plans or whatever. If not, don't worry about it, it's Uni and there's plenty other people around.

      As for the previous comments, hungover until the next night, maybe not so likely if you drink water or fluids.

  • Although if you've had a very heavy night, you could be recovering and hence feel rough/delicate for the whole of the next day, it could last a week if it was that good of a night and that's both coming from personal experience and witnessing it first hand.


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