Why does he beg me to reply, then not respond when I do?

There is this guy who has been trying to get me to give him the time of day for months. I don't really like him and he knows this, but he keeps trying to get my attention.

I gave him my number several months ago when I wanted to give him a chance, but this is what turns me off about him: 1) he has no genuine personality and (2) he does not hold conversations through text

He'll text me, then when I respond back I won't hear from him. Then he'll send me another text maybe the next day or so saying good morning. But won't respond when I text him.

I got tired of this and just blocked his number and stopped texting him back. Now he complains why I never text him. I told him why "Because you don't respond" and he says that he is busy. If you can't respond to my text then why be upset when I decide not to text you? Can anyone explain this?


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  • its called power struggle & the pursuit. men love what they can't have! if he was genuinely interested he would try to ask you out in person


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  • He's playing games

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