Why does this happen?

Ok this really can frustrate me at times. I get that texting is not always the best form of communication especially when it comes to expressing something or having a conversation in general. I'm very good with getting back to someone quickly. I feel like this is a guy thing though and I dont' know why you guys do it.

I've had a few instances with a handful of guys where I"d text them something and they might not get back to me right away maybe in a few hours or next day or so. Fine you're busy or whatever I don't say nothing about it just wait for answer. But when the guy texts, and I guess the girl doesn't respond right away they'll send another text within the next hour or call or just send a question mark like as if something is wrong.

This one guy I've been talking with I always respond to him. I had texted him on a thurs asking how he was doing and told him to give me a call over the weekend. I heard nothing from him and I text him on Saturday and said I hope your doing okay with the snow (it was snowing bad that night) and to stay warm. He doesn't' get back to me until Sunday. I had already assumed he wasnt' even going to contact me. but he called me 2x in 30n min then texted me saying Hey after I missed his first phone call and then sends me a question mark. Like okay I was busy but I got back to him nonetheless. But why are sending me a ? as if rushing me or making it seem like I was ignoring him. I haven't heard from him all weekend and you just getting back to me on Sunday early evening. Why do you guys do this?


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  • Good question. I am notoriously bad at returning texts...

    But it is kind of annoying (actually I find it insulting) when guys/anyone sends "?" or repeated messages within 10 minutes. I can understand a repeated message maybe, but the "?" is just a demand on my time.

    If I get that from a guy, I may purposefully not reply at all because it annoys me so much. I feel like: get a life. I have stuff to do, and I don't want to be stuck reassuring you that I like you via flirty texts all day, because that often results in me not liking you anymore.

    Your guy seems like the worst of both texting worlds - hope he stops being so annoying girl. I hear ya :P

    • Yeah it was that one and only time he generally gets back to me quicker than that. And I've never had him send me question marks or anything like that before. But I had another guy who was a pain in the ass with oh if I didn't reach out to him within an hour he'd be sending me another text where he'd not get back to me for a few hours if I texted him.

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  • Yeah. I agree with the last answer. In general I think a text is implied to be non urgent, I mean if it was time sensitive you'd call right? So I don't care if it takes a few hours for a response. But guys seem to think that's OK for them but if they want something you should immediately be available since they want something. Don't even get me started on all the guys who think 1-6am is a good time to text you because they had a tiny thought that needed a pat on the back. Unfortunately this will keep happening. My advice? Stomp in it ASAP! Call him on the bad behaviour...send something like "jeez I was busy and couldn't answer/get back to you for a half an hour...relax I have a life... Plus you don't get back to me for days so that ?is so rude. Next time trust that ill get back to you" unfortunately totally blunt seems to be the only thing that works. And for the 2%of guys who don't have bad texting manners, I know you're not all like this but most guys are so no offense to you

    • Guys are awful with texting. I have called out a guy on this before and he kinda had a way of not acknowledging it probably because I was calling him out for waht he was doing. But yeah that's a good idea I'll have to just be blunt about it more.

    • Yeah I thought for years that if I ignored bad texting behaviour it would stop and it SO did not work. My brother told me to immediately jump on it and say its not OK, have to admit he was right. Guys do not get subtle

  • Because clearly girls have nothing better to do then sit by their phones, staring at them.. willing the boy to text us...

    So why wouldn't we answer back right away?


    • Yup I get that. But they shouldn't be mad if we don't get back to them right away when they decide they want to finally reach out to us. I guess that's just what they do.

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    • Lol but there isnt' anything to be mad about. I'm personally not a girl glued to my phone. It is what it is I guess

    • I'm just saying.. guys don't think...

      they feel.. and what they feel.. they think is reality...