BF started to be late almost every date after we became official?

He used to be always on time, but after we became official he always show up late. He took me to meet his family for Xmas eve dinner, even that he was late to pick me up.

The date after he is late again... he would text me 40 min before the agree time to let me know he is late.

Would you still count it as late? What should I do about it? If not dumping him?


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  • How often is he late for work?Maybe some communication would be in order.Do we have boundaries in place and spoken of?Stop being a doormat and get some answers or dump his ass.I mean really?

    • he was late for work quiet often according to his collegaue when I spoke to them at his company Xmas party

  • depending on how long you guys been dating and how many times it happen as a percentage and has any of the times been truly for legitimate reasonsthat were


    I would sit him down sincerely and say that you understand that when you are late you are disrespecting me and saying that you are worth way more than me?there shouldn't be anything more important than you.


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