What's going on with our friendship?

I've been friends with this girl for years and we do a lot together and share thoughts etc but I can't get much closer because she's the type of person who will never get extremely close with anyone (she won't bring up stuff that's bothering her directly to me or another friend... She's really bad at confrontation)

A few months ago she started dating a guy she knows I don't think is a great person and our relationship started getting weird. She doesn't tell me everything anymore and rarely mentions him but then that means she can't tell me most of what happens anymore because she spends most of her time with him. Sometimes we're fine and goofing off like old times but sometimes things are weird between us with lots of silences and stuff.

A few tjmes when she was drunk she called me a slut. When I told her sober she said she didn't remember but apologized. Then a few weeks later we were both drunk again she told me to recite all the guys I had ever kissed and compare my number to hers. My number was higher and she was disappointed because I had started hooking up with guys later in life than her and I guess she always felt like the more experienced one. To be clear, she always always has relationships and I always just hookup.

A few months later now, she keeps jokingly mentioning me dating people and I've noticed our mutual friend doing it too. It isn't casual once in a while joking like you'd do if your friend had a crush... me dating someone gets mentioned in every single conversation. She's started doing things with couples now and before winter break I mentioned in passing how annoying I thought hanging out with all couples is. The thing is, she seems to be way more into being a part of a couple than who she's actually dating.

I don't know what to do. Before now she's always seemed to be good with me being single and made more of an effort to hang out with me. Now I feel like I have to reserve tjme with her in advance or be the single girl with two or three couples. Guys ask me out from time to time but I reject them because I'm waiting for the one I feel just as crazy about... she says I should date them and hope the butterflies come later. Why all the sudden does she want me to have a boyfriend and is she devaluing me because I don't have one?


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  • she's not a good friend. drop her