I'm I being mean for losing some sympathy for abused women?

I have no idea what some women see in men like this:


The very first time I even hear a man I'm dating talking about his hatred towards women, would be enough to send me running down the hill.

These women that go for jerks and abusers are the ones making a bad reputation about us, the selective ones that will get repulsed by that immediately, yet we're here single and waiting for what they reject the most. Ever since I was a kid, I knew it wasn't normal for a man to hate and abuse women; no one taught me that.

Now that guy in the story hits her for the first time during a game and she's still sticking around.

Even my mother surprised me with this:

A basketball celebrity cheats on his wife whom he has kids with. Things don't work out with his mistress and so he comes crawling back to his wife, asking for forgiveness. My mother was like ''Well there are kids involved and he's the providing, besides that other woman knew he was married''.

I wouldn't care about working things out for the kids' sake. I won't ever tolerate getting cheated on and get treated with such disrespect. I would file for divorce.
If that poster was my sister, I would seriously throw a pile of cold water on her to make her wake up already.
Now I'm being to see there is some truth to why men might think some women don't like the decent men out there. But seriously,I think those are damaged girls that represent the minority. I'm also upset that they are making a bad reputation out of the rest of us. Thus, more men now start thinking all women like going through a period of getting treated poorly.


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  • yeah I have no sympathy for these women. they actually kind of disgust me.


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  • That's why I've given up on women. I don't care what you say, I can only go by experience and what I see. Time and time again, when a woman finds a good guy who remains faithful and romantic, she often cheats on him or finds someone more "exciting." However, if a woman finds a guy who is cocky, a jerk, distant, and maybe abusive, she tens to stick with him and remain faithful to him. You will tell me that not all women are like this. Yes I've heard it all before. I can only go by what I've experienced and witnessed over the last 10-15 years.

    Happily single and staying single :)

    • I don't know what's going on lately. I don't think it's fair that because of those damaged girls, we all have to also pay the price too and stay single due to more men giving up. I've thought about getting out of the country. I don't like this generation.

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