Do I text again if she has not responded yet?

Been seeing this girl for about 2 months. We usually text everyday, but she went back home this winter break.

We've been texting but significantly less and my last text to her was a few days ago (was just a statement). I haven't had this feeling of missing her since we've started dating but it's finally kicking in. Been thinking about her a lot during these last couple of days.

Anyways, should I text her? Since I texted her last, I do not think I should text again.

Would appreciate a response from a person with a bit more life experience than I :)


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  • Try sending her something she would be interested in, like a funny video from YouTube, or a funny meme that you found/looked up online. Little things that make her smile will most likely have her reply back. Start the conversation from there, but don't bring up the last few days to her, she might get annoyed if you do.


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  • Maybe she's busy since she went back home for the holidays, she's most likely just caught up with spending time with family and friends. Try texting her again but don't be too pushy, as a girl I really hate turning my phone on to seeing a million messages from a guy, it comes off as a bit aggressive and desperate sometimes. If she takes a while to respond then assume that she is busy, try asking her how her break is going. When you text with a question you'll more likely to receive a response.

  • Id text her one more time, she might be busy, but this time ask her a question instead of just a statement, a question she will most likely answer.


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